Saturday, February 25, 2012

Rambling Mind, Rambling Reading

I know this blog thing is strung together with a common thread on each writers entries. Since I am not a writer, I really don't much care about run on or fragmented sentences. God Bless America and spell check or every other word would be a frustration to cipher.

I say this because I actually read one of my entries, on my brother. That last part made no sense and outside spell check I can't figure out how to fix it. It's frustrating and I actually know what it says!

That's my mind these days. This morning I made coffee after I let out a cat that was dumped on me years ago. I now lay claim to him and at least feed and keep him inside when it's cold outside. Okay, that's not entirly true. I stand by the door at night waiting for his Highness to make up his mind. If he sits and looks at the door, I stand and keep holding the door open like the loyal servant I have become. If he turns and leaps on the back of the couch, in he stays.

After he was out, I got my dirty coffee cup from yesterday, swisher water in it and dried withna paper towel. My grand parents lived through the depression, guilt hits when I use disposable items but convience wins. I'm still in my jammies as I head down the hall. I stop, look at my empty halfway cleaned cup and think, where was I going? Oh yeah, cream. I start to shuffle again and stop. The refrigerator is not in the bedrooms down the hall!

I turn around with a sigh and chuckle, being old is funny. I find humor in this aging process everyday. Trying to find the word for cheesecake when once it was easily plucked from a sharp mind, it is buried or hidden. This is what happens instead as you try to explain a planned evening dessert.

"it's like a cake but isn't. It's round and called a cake but it's really a custard. You know, we've had it a million times, it's John Thomas's favorite." here there is typically some stomping of feet, clinched fists, and growls as I try to recall a simple word used a billion times, I cant locate the elusive name so the elderly's method of verbal recall continues. "It's not a custard but like a custard....oh my gosh, WHAT IS IT CALLED! Oh Yeah, cheesecake!"

Not everyone my age goes through this, yet. I believe, like learning to walk, talk, and ride bikes, it comes to each old person at different times in our life cycle. Some fear this process, some don't notice. Me? I find it greatly entertaining.

So my two faithful readers, forgive no review of sentences that make no sense and no spellcheck this this chilly morning as I listen to woodpeckers, doves and cuddle with my coffee, I laugh again at losing my fridge. Because it is so much funnier to lose a side by side fridge than losing my mind!

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  1. Ain't it the truth! I find the samething happening to me, my sons pick on me and have tagged this as a "Brain Fart!" My daughter refers to it as, "Old Timers!`Thank you very much, but she turned forty-one this year so I remind her that she is not so far away from her turn in the spotlight and we'll see how she does. Heck, I'll be fifty-nine this year, I never thought I'd make it to fifty, so I find humor in the changes, too. Forgetfulness is wreaking havoc with me, at times it's a hoot. It's all in how we deal with it. Great story once again.