Monday, February 27, 2012

Between a Rock and a Car Door!

I got trapped today. I was in the parking lot of a grocery store. When I pulled in, I knew it was going to be a tight squeeze. Not a great location for someone who has suffered from claustrophobia.

As a child, I almost drown. This did not stop my adventures of going into dark caves that did not have tour guides, although lying on my back to wiggle through a tight spot pressed on my chest, it was a bit like being too deep in the water, unable to fill my lungs. While diving too deep could result in lungs full of water, the tight tunnel carved by the earths shift pressed on my chest, I breathed shallow until out I popped.

When my parents would fight, I would seek comfort in the dirty cloths hamper, buried deep to muffle arguments. It was like gliding deep under water or in the damp musky smelling hole in the earth.

But today, decades later, my oversized body was stuck. My feet were firmly planted on asphalt but I could not lift my knees to climb back in my car nor could I force my behind to shove the car door open past the small silver sedan that succeeded in holding me captive. It was not a comforting feeling nor a sporting event, it was simply embarrassing!

Knowing I was being watched by folks passing into and out of the store, it didn't occur to me at that time that they were embarrassed for me as well, so much so, no one offered help. It was a lot like diving too deep or sliding too slow due to slipping in the mud, feeling some panic, but not the thrill.

Finally, I dug deep, grabbed one pant leg at my knee and pulled as hard as I could. It lifted my foot high enough to get into the car and twist my body. Success! I squirmed back inti my car, took a deep breath and cursed the ice cream I had last night.

Tight spots are not new to me. Finding ways out of tight spots, literally as in caving, or emotionally as we have all found ourselves, can be done if I dig deep, take a breath and assess my situation.

Being stuck today spoke to me on a primal level but I'm not sure what it said or what I was suppose to learn. I am open to any thoughts or ideas you may be able to shed on this event. One lesson clearly learned, go for the larger parking place every time. No more rush into the first spot I see. I will take my time and "look before I leap". Somewhat of a new behavior but not the first time I promised myself I would look AND think before I leap. Guess not everyone learns from mistakes. So, what do you think could be the lesson, besides don't get seconds and switch from ice-cream to fruit?

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