Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Death Penalty?

I was listening to the raido only a few minutes ago and the DJ's were talking about Colorado debating on whether to seek the Death penalty for a mass murderer.

Still stunned, sitting here wondering, what is the debate? I won't get on my soapbox about an eye for an eye, who can and can not play God but there is already a law on the books! Colorado has the death penalty. When would be a good time to seek a death penalty if not now?

I know many people who do not believe in the death penalty, my husband is one of those, many of my best friends. This is why I love America, we can have different opinions and no one goes to jail for expressing their belief about politics, religion or whether to be a vegan but it is too hard for me to think this guy will live his life out on tax dollars as he inflates his ego each time a book is written about him, a write or news reporter requests an interview on camera, then he gets to read about himself getting more famous, knows he will be in history books, studied in colleges and in fact, never forgotten.

We don't want to forget events like this, we learn from them but to grant a gift to the murderer who made this happen, to allow him to watch his fame grow as we feed him, cloth him and shelter him for the rest of his life makes me feel ill. It is my belief he will surpass the fame of the Manson Murders and the number of books, movies and documentaries about Manson spins my head. How long ago were the Manson murders and his fame has not faded.

To me, seeking life in prison will only inflate his ego, confirmed to him that he did the right thing and look at the fame as his legacy.

There is a lot of talk in many states about revamping gun laws. Every time my daughter sees this on TV she shakes her head and says, guns laws only work for the people who follow the law.

Off my soap box now.


  1. And we'll never hear about how an unemployed student afforded $20,000 of paramilitary equipment.

    1. Good point, but we can keep asking, not let it go until answered.

  2. If there were more guns out there, concealed or otherwise, maybe someone could've taken him out.
    Not so much eye for an eye, but self defense. I'm sure the Stand Your Ground laws in some states would have seen this as legal.
    Save the tax payers a few dollars also.

    1. Isn't that what happened in Luby's years ago? The guy who had a license to carry concealed shot him, saved who knows how many lives. I can't even watch the news or consider going to a movie at this time, crazy people! Thanks for stopping by Bobby and offering your point of view. Terri

  3. I've been wondering about the discussion on whether or not to go for the death penalty or not myself!

    Seems to me that if ever there was a time it was called for, this is it!