Friday, January 20, 2012

I Died Last Night

I usually don't dream, or don't usually recall my dreams. Last night was an exception. I died surrounded by a couple of familiar faces, mostly strangers. My best friend was there to comfort me as a lethal dose of green stuff was admistered and I faded away. I knew I was dying and I was pretty okay with it, in the dream. For some reason, I knew there was no choice, no going back for redo, it was final and this was my last moment to take a breath. I actually thought this in my dream. My past did not flash before my eyes, I simply looked around and said, "I'm ready." As dreams go, maybe it was a nightmare. I awoke alone in a vast ocean of light waves and thought, I have the answer to the age old question, "Is this life after death?" Then in the blink of an eye, no ocean, I was in the killing place where the lethal dose was administered. WHAT? No second chances right? I had been ready to let go now these bright lights, come on!! I saw the doctor that gave that deadly vile the nudge it needed to do me in and he acted like he saw a ghost. Come on, he was suppose to be alive, I was the one that was in shock. I realized I was really alive, again.

This dream has stayed with me, not unpleasant but does it have meaning? I have no idea. Was there a message? Maybe don't eat dinner 10 minutes before bedtime?  I will ponder a bit more then call my friend and ask if she has some secret plan to bump me off. I leave you with this lesson learned as a child. Remember, always remember, don't chew tobacco indoors if you don't have a spittoon!

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